Doğan KURT, Manager of Digital ve Interactive Madia, Turkcell Superonline

Cohous is a business partner which can easily transfer its experience in the area of mobile application to the works, can add value to the work done. While generating goal-oriented solutions, develops the vision of the application by adding functions beyond your expectations. When it comes to mobile games, it is putting its signature on engrossing works using graphics and physics engine beyond Turkey standards. Another outstanding element is to be active on feedback and is to manage well the schedule especially while performing projects.


Bayram KAYMAK, Marketing Manager, Laboratoire BIODERMA

Cohous, beyond being an agency that implements our ideas right; is our beloved agency that is developing new, innovative ideas to our ideas and makes us excited on this adventure. From brain storms prior the application to feedbacks during application and to analysis sensitivity shown even after the application... In this way, we both have an application selected "best practice" in France and an agency that is like-minded, always directs us correctly in terms of time planning and guiding us in an understanding way. We thank to our agency indicating that the point is not only the creativity, is also blending creativity and user experience.